How to Enjoy Nightclubs in Melbourne with Some Cool Tips!

You would be able to enjoy nightclubs in Melbourne CBD the most when you know about these tips based on the latest findings on drinking trends in nightclubs. The Guardian highlights in its 8th Aug’2016 article that men tend to get more drunk and intoxicated in nightclubs when there is overcrowding, and the clubs stay open past midnight.

Studies conducted on several clubs in Melbourne, and other Australian cities show that men get tipsy quickly when there are more men present in the nightclub. Astounding and interesting, but it is a real fact, and hence you may use the fact to make your experience in the Melbourne CBD nightclubs better the next time. Here is how.

You won’t want him to get drunk and spoil the fun

Getting drunk is equal to spoiling the fun. You plan a night out to get some drinks, casual flirting, lots of dancing, meet friends, and gala socializing with your group. That is the fun of night clubbing, and you would love to enjoy the full night this way. In the course you would dance, and rest, and eat a little and drink a little, and then dance, and such is the motion. But if you get drunk too much, then you won’t know what is going on around you. After a few drinks, you would lose it, and will be of no use. Moreover, it’s for the males, that if you are too drunk and your girl goes with someone else, then you won’t have much choice too. That is why it’s smarter to stay in control, drink in limited quantity, dance and enjoy the party.

If you are a girl, then you may do the two things mentioned below to enjoy nightclubs in Melbourne CBD.

Don’t leave your boyfriend’s side if it’s overcrowded

Men in overcrowded nightclubs are more susceptible to drink and losing control. That is why you must not leave your boyfriend’s side and stay with him and keep a check. His drinking should not spoil your fun. Staying aside doesn’t mean babysitting him, but yes of course, you should check his drinks, and see that he doesn’t get into a challenge of drinking with other guys. Else this may also end up in a scuffle.

Engage him in dancing

After all, you find the best nightclubs in Melbourne CBD to dance and enjoy. This party mood should stay, and you must involve your boyfriend all the more with you in dancing. The more you are engaged in activities like dancing and socializing, the lesser will be chances of uncontrolled drinking. This will save the mood, and make it more enjoyable. If he is not a good dancer, tell him to tap his foot with you to help you break off your shyness. That is how you may engage him more in the most crowded and vibrant nightclubs in Melbourne CBD. Check out Sorry Grandma

Enjoying nightclubs is an art, and drinking is fun too. But there has to be parity in drinking and dancing so that nothing goes out of control. That is how you build the right chemistry for enjoyment.

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